Halftime Episode 1: The Halftime Speech Podcast Pilot Review

The Halftime Speech

Wow, after a really long, grueling process, the first episode of The Halftime Speech is finally up! I can’t even begin to describe how great it feels to finally launch this project.

– Here is the link just in case by the way:
The Halftime Speech Episode 1: Pilot

We have absolutely no doubt that it’ll only get harder from here, but we’re also beyond excited for all of our ideas to come to fruition and provide quality content for all of our listeners.

It was beyond nerve-racking to launch everything and you would’ve honestly thought we were idiots if you saw how much we were freaking out. There was a point when Krishna and I were both on the phone putting out all of our material, but we couldn’t even figure out how to get our link correctly uploaded on our Instagram profiles. This is what you truly call, panic mode.


To back track a little, on the night of recording, we were both anxious, nervous, excited and just about any other emotion you could possibly feel.

But if you know me or Krishna, you know that when we zone in on something, we become obsessively focused. And after five hours or so, we got it done. Honestly though, as much as I want to say that was the hardest part, I’m not so sure it was.

Throughout this whole process, I felt discouraged for not knowing how to operate certain systems (I still hate you, Adobe Illustrator), anxiety of not completing a goal in time, redundant work, and fear of the usual, “what will people think.”

Despite all those things, each goal was eventually completed. I learned a lot and got pretty darn good at premiere and photoshop while making peace with the fact that I will never be a graphic designer.

But most importantly, I overcame my fear of putting myself out there.

Guys, I can’t even begin to tell you how liberating it is to achieve something that pushes you to the brink of uncertainty and what others might think and overcome it.

I am so, so proud of us both for choosing to dismiss all of our doubts and fears to fully pursue this project.

Personally, I’m overwhelmed by both the amount of support and feedback that I’ve gotten so far from everyone. We genuinely feel this platform can be used to help and encourage our community.

One more thing.

I want to take this time to give a huge shout-out to Krishna. Honestly, none of this would be possible without him and he’s one of the most hard-working, passionate people you’ll ever meet. If you have the time, please encourage this guy and tell him how good and funny he really is.

From the bottom of our hearts, a huge thank you to everyone for listening and reading, and we promise to deliver.

Much love,


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