The Halftime Speech Episode 2: An Inside Look at the Hosts Review

The Halftime Speech

The Halftime Speech ep.2: The Hosts

Man, what a whirlwind it’s been.

After the release of our first episode, we’ve gotten so many responses, feedback, criticism and just about everything else in between.

Personally, I’ve felt encouraged by the amount of people telling me what we’re doing is something really special and how they’re looking forward to what’s to come with our show.

On the other side of that, however, I’ve felt pressured, in a good way and also at times, discouraged just in the simple fact that we may not be able to meet expectations or perform at a high rate.

But, after consulting with friends and family along with a LOT of self, down-time, I’ve realized that no matter what we do, we simply can’t and won’t please everyone. In fact, that’s exactly the mindset I had in the beginning but in doing so, I failed to realize that what we have in our vision and goal is enough. I’ve tried so hard in trying to find that right balance from everyone’s advice and feedback. As incredible and helpful it’s all been, I lost sight in how important it is to stay focused in what we’re trying to build for our community, which above all else, is to provide that platform for those in need.

Knowing this, I feel confident and hopeful for this project and for everyone that’ll come aboard. AWWWW yeah.

Ah, episode two.

This episode was special for a lot of reasons.

Before I begin, on a side note, I can totally see this still being my favorite episode down the road when we’re 156 episodes deep.

That’s right.


So, naturally, I’m not an open person and I think I can speak for Krishna as well when I say that it takes time for both of us to open up with our personal struggles and feelings with anyone. We have a lot of baggage from our past and we felt it was necessary to be vulnerable and share uncomfortable topics to set the tone for our future guests.

Talking about my  with my dad has always been a pressing issue. It’s how I often defined who I was and the man I potentially could and would be, ever since I can remember. It got to a point where it would be that final, personal part I would share with people until I felt comfortable enough with them to share, which meant a lot of Chipotle dates and late-night car talks in random parking lots.

Sharing this part of my life with the world was something I couldn’t have even imagined just a few years ago. Through this episode, I got to see my own personal growth; how far I’ve come, the comfort in sharing something I always kept to myself,

With all that said, it’s becoming more and more clear.

I want a place where I feel comfortable in sharing doubts for the future.

I want a place where I feel confident in sharing scars from the past.

I want a place where I can go and say, “wow, I’m really not the only one.”

Throughout this experience so far, I’ve really learned to grasp the concept of letting go. Like, it’s really okay to share things despite the fear of feeling condemned or judged. I’m not perfect in that yet, but this episode was huge step in doing so.

I also want to say how proud I am of this team because they put in so much gahdam work and time in making this whole thing go. I knew creating something like this would be work but I honestly can say that I underestimated the amount of stress, scheduling, and overall effort it takes to make something like this grow. So with that,

Krishna: My co-host. Despite everything you’re going through at the moment, you still bring it each time which honestly is a testament of who you are. This position is probably the hardest. We’re both still learning so much and we have a long way to go but I can rest in the fact that you always got my back. The super special thing about you is that you don’t take any criticism to heart, but you actually use it to make yourself better. You consistently nail every aspect of our work and I have absolutely no doubt that you and I will grow both individually and together.

Taejin TJ: The self-proclaimed Creative Director. You have no idea how much the amount of work and stress has been relieved since you’ve been on board. You provide so much support aside from the technical aspects of the role. Having you there for comic relief and your weird-ass jokes brings a certain personality out of our podcast that helps bring out the pureness of our content to life. Also, we haven’t annoyed each other yet which is a good sign but I feel it coming soon.

Olivia: My rock. None of this would be possible without your constant support and your passion. It’s honestly so awesome that I can go to you with any idea or thought in confidence because you tell me in full honesty (which you do 92% of the time, and honestly you’re right every time lol). You’re so good at noting the right topic or response to say and giving us direction when we feel lost. I love you.

Thanks for the support everyone!


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