The Halftime Speech Episode 3: Our first guest, Kevin Chung!

The Halftime Speech

The Halftime Speech ep. 3! With guest, Kevin Chung

This episode was so, SO much fun. Everything went so smooth and Kevin was an amazing guest. His answers were so authentic and he put himself in a position to be vulnerable. We probably couldn’t have asked for a better first guest.

He shared so many personal experience about his pursuit of being a musician.  If you’re an aspiring artist, or you have some sort of doubt and fear about pursuing something (which, trust me, is everyone), you should definitely take a listen.

My biggest takeaway was that for as someone as accomplished as Kevin is, he still didn’t consider himself a musician. That was mind-blowing because aside from him being a good friend of mine, I thought he had everything that you would consider someone to have to be an artist.

I think the biggest setback someone could have is comparing themselves to others. Kevin shared that part of his life and how he really struggled with that.

Like I said, this episode is definitely one that could help for anyone who’s wondering about their future. Hope y’all enjoy.


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