Peach Minute Ep.1 Introduction

This is the first episode of the show I have the opportunity of hosting and producing called, Peach Minute!

The focus of this show is to uncover all things related to Atlanta – events, trends, and whatever other random subjects we want to dive deeper in. It’s great because my company, KTN is very encouraging as far as my creative freedom goes.

At first, I honestly didn’t expect too much. But to my surprise, I received some really genuine feedback and compliments about their opinion on the show!

*It’s also really weird seeing yourself on television and that’s something I feel like I’ll never be truly comfortable with to be honest lol.*

Anyway, this whole episode actually wasn’t even supposed to be our first episode, let alone air. We just basically set up everything and did a test-run. No script, no plot, not really anything. Just some wooden letters and cameras and it was action.

I didn’t think anything of it while recording. My honest thought was, “well shit, this isn’t official or anything so I’m just going to do whatever and say whatever,” and turns out the producer liked it a lot more than he expected. And honestly, editing is everything so most of the credit goes to him. That’s where the real work is and there’s no way this episode could exist without that.

Thanks for reading and watching and what time is it??? IIIIITS

Just kidding.


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