Peach Minute Ep.2 Atlanta Fair

Peach Minute goes to Atlanta Fair! Awwwww yeah.

This episode, we actually had no idea what we were going to do for our second episode. Also, this is when we felt the most pressure since the first episode was a “success” and we felt like we had to live up to people’s expectations now?

We found out that our company was actually one of the sponsors for this event and got helllllla tickets so we went for free and decided to make this our episode.

At first, we really didn’t expect anything. But eventually we noticed people were really curious and eyeing what we were doing. I mean, we really did stand out by wearing those jackets (lmao) and having all that equipment. I actually felt kind of cool because I felt like I was really part of a production team which we really are.

Man, sometimes I seriously undermine the level of work that we do hahahahaha

Eventually, people came up to us and wanted to know what we were doing, who we were, and wanted to be interviewed! Kind of a surreal moment for some reason. It was my first time also interviewing people like that. It was completely different from the podcast since again, everything was done on a whim.

It was honestly probably this moment that I realized how much doing the podcast helped as far as just asking random ass questions and reacting in an engaging way. It also helps though when the people you’re interviewing are fun and candid.

The rides itself were no bueno. If you watch, I genuinely felt like shit after that right and usually, I’m really good with rides. Like, I ride Goliath as my first ride when I go to Six Flags but, I swear, carnival rides are just on some weird ass level.

But yeah, that ride honestly sucked and I closed my eyes the whole time. That whole part with me saying, “this isn’t it” and “don’t do this” was a real, genuine reaction. Okay, no more complaining about it because it was free af.

Hope y’all enjoy!


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