Peach Minute ep. 5 President Moon, I love you

Before we shot this mukbang, we actually got press passes for the Atlanta Film Festival (I’ll make a video of it soon!).

It’s really funny because we didn’t even really do anything when we first got there. We walked around a bit but we couldn’t do anything because we were freaking starving if you couldn’t already tell by the thumbnail of the video.

I don’t know, but we ended up at a Golden Buddha of all places to eat in Atlanta. Why? ‘Cause we’re mf Peach Minute, that’s why.

Nah, but we were really feelin’ some Chinese and what better place is there than good ole’ Golden Buddha. No, really. If anyone knows a really good place leave a comment!!

I’ve never recorded myself eating before either so this was definitely a first. I’ve experienced so many ‘firsts’ since I started this show, damn. Setting up our equipment and recording this episode was such a weird feeling. There were people staring and wondering what in tf we were doing, which I don’t blame them for. I felt like Buzzfeed or something, to be honest. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not since I’m not a huge fan of them either.

BUT THE FOOD. Holy sh. I seriously think I blacked out the whole time I was eating. I don’t even know what I was saying because I was so distracted by the food but somehow I managed to get words out of my mouth in the end?

Oh, and if you watched the episode, you’ll see why the title is called “President Moon, I love you.” If you didn’t, well, it’s because our guest is a teacher and somehow the translated form in Korean is South Korea’s President’s name, Moon Jae In. Basically, it has absolutely nothing to do with our video but I love the President Moon, so yep.

Hope y’all enjoy!


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